Our Story

A Journey of Resilience and Flavor

Welcome to Mangal Mediterranean, where every dish tells a story of resilience, passion, and family. Our journey began in Syria and brought us to the United States, where we, the Alhariri family, have built a new life. Founded by Khaled Alhariri and his brothers, Qasem and Mohamad, with the guidance of our father, Mangal Mediterranean is a testament to the strength of family bonds and the rich culinary traditions of our homeland.

From Syria to a New Beginning

Forced to leave Syria due to war, our family arrived in the United States as refugees, united by hope and determination. Despite the challenges, we remained steadfast in our dream of sharing the flavors of Syria with our new community.

Building Mangal Mediterranean

Starting small, we cooked traditional dishes that quickly gained a loyal following for their authenticity and vibrant flavors. Encouraged by this success, we opened Mangal Mediterranean. Khaled leads the kitchen, Qasem manages operations, and Mohamad sources the freshest ingredients, while our father continues to pass down time-honored recipes.

A Taste of Syria

At Mangal Mediterranean, we are dedicated to providing an authentic dining experience that celebrates Syrian and Mediterranean cuisine. Our commitment to quality and hospitality ensures every meal is memorable.

Join Us for a Taste of Syria

We welcome you to Mangal Mediterranean to experience the flavors of Syria and the broader Mediterranean region. Our commitment to authenticity, quality, and hospitality ensures that every meal is a memorable one. Come and enjoy the culinary treasures of Syria, and let us take you on a journey through one of the world’s most beloved and diverse cuisines.

Our Community Commitment

As proud U.S. citizens, we give back to the community that welcomed us, supporting other refugees and immigrants in their journeys. Mangal Mediterranean is more than a restaurant; it’s a symbol of hope and resilience.

Visit Us

Join us at Mangal Mediterranean for an unforgettable experience. Whether for a quick lunch, family dinner, or special celebration, savor the flavors of Syria, crafted with love and served with pride. Thank you for being part of our journey.